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Getting Verified

As experts in digital strategy, we often collaborate with our clients to develop a pathway to become verified on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Our clients understand that this is not an overnight process and takes arduous work and dedication from our expert staff to help them obtain and keep verified status

When collaborating with our clients, we develop a detailed public and private profile based on their accomplishments, including any published articles and social media presence. We then perform a gap assessment to determine what they are missing that's expected and required to become verified. Often, they require many more content sources – such as recent articles, publications, or press releases - from high-quality sites that are respected and acknowledged by social media companies as legitimate sources of such published materials

Given results don't happen instantaneously; we work with our clients to develop and execute a strategy, a road map, and well-defined tactical plans. Our clients often commit to our services for six months to a year or longer to allow us time to work with them to obtain their objectives, including social media verification. Our committed, expert staff are tightly bound with our clients on their development journey to success and lasting recognition. We bring light to their events, accomplishments, qualifications, and to the value they bring to their respective markets, to the public, and to the social media companies that will ultimately determine whether they are suitable for verification.